Mission10:14 Launches

Mission10:14, Inc. was formed in May 2009 as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to working among some of the world’s poorest and least reached people groups living in West Africa. We now have a committed board of directors and are currently forming an advisory team that will serve to help guide the ministry in the future. Mission10:14 has also come under the umbrella of a professional accounting firm that will provide good financial oversight for the ministry, and make available financial reporting for the ministry’s partners and champions.

MappingOur mission is to help ignite a passion among churches, individuals and organizations for sharing the good news among small and isolated people groups in West Africa, and to facilitate transformational projects that meet practical needs.

One transformational project that we are focusing on in one of the regions where we are working is in response to an invitation by the local government representative of the Ministry of Agriculture in Mali. We have been invited to assist in the development of small garden projects in cooperation with local villages. Each village will donate the land, women in the villages will work the gardens, and Mission10:14 will provide start-up for the gardens. These garden projects will help provide a sustainable food source for families, as well as items that can be sold or traded in village markets.

Transformational projects such as these provide great opportunities for those who want to get involved in people’s lives at a practical level.

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