The Power of Partnership

Late one evening in a dusty, dry village of Mali West Africa, Pastor F and I sat and talked of how we were seeing God at work among the Wassulu people. Most of the volunteer mission team members were already asleep, allowing us some personal time for sharing and planning as friends and co-laborers. We reflected upon the early trips we’d made years ago into the land of his ancestors. Initially, we did not find open hearts among the Wassulu that were ready to receive the good news of the gospel. Yet now, among this people group that follows Islam, we were beginning to see a harvest through the changed lives of new believers, and were encountering countless others who wanted to know more about this “good news.”

As our conversation continued, I shared with Pastor F that for a number of years hundreds of people had been praying for the Wassulu people and for our work among them. I explained that, even as we talked, God’s people were interceding for us as we worked together with a team of volunteers to reach those blinded in spiritual darkness in West Africa.  As if a switch had been flipped, Pastor F suddenly understood the power of partnership and how our work together in Mali was being supported by so many who were thousands of miles away. The impact of partnership through prayer, financial support, and going all came together in that late-night moment in West Africa.

As we work together in West Africa, the power of partnership shows how working together can accomplish much more than what one can do alone. Let’s work together in partnership!

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