Transformational 10:14 Projects

GardenIn the Scriptures, God speaks to us through the writings of James about the results of faith. In 2:14-17, James presents the importance of a faith that results in works. Clearly, James is pointing out that the natural outflow on one’s faith is good works. Paul writes in agreement in Ephesians 2, having already shown that salvation is by grace alone (8-9), and that God has prepared “good works” for His people to do. The good works do not bring about salvation or faith, but they are the result of one’s faith, which is itself the work of God.

In response to this teaching, and as result of faith (the work of God), Mission10:14 is compelled to engage in transformational projects that help meet practical needs. In doing so, we show that faith is alive and compels God’s people to reflect His love and mercy.

One of the projects that Mission10:14 is undertaking is Village Garden Projects. In response to an invitation from the area representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of Mali, we are leading the way to develop small garden projects that aim to improve available food sources for families and individuals. These garden projects are designed to work in partnership with women in the villages to develop improved food sources for their families, as well as provide items that can be traded or sold in the local markets, thereby, providing additonal income for a family.

How Do M10:14 Garden Projects Work?
Villages donate the land for a garden. Women in the village agree to work the gardens, and Mission10:14, through partnering with individuals, churches and organizations, provides startup support for the projects.

What is Sustenance Farming?
By definition, sustenance refers to one’s means of livelihood or support. In this sense, we are concerned with a person, or family, having the barest means in terms of food, clothing and shelter needed to sustain life. In West Africa, one of the most under-developed regions in the world, this “bare existence” is a way of life for most people, with farming as their main means of livelihood. Mission10:14 Garden Projects aim to improve the variety and quantity of food available in a village, and encourage healthier eating habits.

What is Required to Sponsor a Garden Project?
Since the goal of the garden projects is to use appropriate, low-cost methods of production, the amount of funding needed for developing the gardens is relatively small. From start to finish, the following list is what is needed to have a successful garden project.
• Partners (both in Mali and in the USA)
• Land (donated by the village)
• Women to work the gardens (arrangements are made with each village)
• Hand-dug wells with cement top, metal lid closure, and water buckets with rope
• Startup seeds and seedlings
• Wooden fence (provided by village and protects gardens from animals).

How Can One Become Involved?
As a partner with Mission10:14, there are a number of ways one can become involved in these practical transformational projects. By putting faith into action (James 2:17), and by caring for the poor through the garden projects, Mission10:14 partners have a unique opportunity to live out their calling in a simple, yet practical, way. Here are just a few of the ways one can become involved in the Mission10:14 garden projects:
• Pray for the ministry of Mission10:14
• Become a Mission10:14 volunteer and go on a short-term mission trip
• Share these opportunities with others that you know and encourage their involvement
• Help sponsor a garden project.

  1. Bill and Julie Johnson says:

    Hey Jerry and Sally! We are committed to praying for you all and this ministry! We know He will continue to guide you each step of the way! Psalm 32:8 We love you guys!

  2. Paula Bauer says:

    May God pour out His blessing on your ministry and make it grow and bear fruit…literally! 🙂

    I will be praying and sharing with others. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the life of the Wassulu people. May God pour out His Spirit and gather in His sheep!

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