God’s Purposes Prevail

Peaceful Sunset Among the Wassulu

The plans for the current team were changed drastically after the first day in the Wassulu region last week, when Pastor F received word that his mother had died in a region about 10-11 hours away.  The team made a prayerful decision to travel through the night with Pastor F to Village Big K for the burial service of his Muslim mother. Pastor F  has been ostracized by his family since becoming a believer and was only one of two believers in his extended family.  The other believer was his father, who after years of ‘disowning’ Pastor F, allowed him to share the Gospel with him and pray for him.  He received Christ not long before his death a few years ago.

With this background in mind, Pastor F was not even sure whether he would be allowed at his mother’s service.  Praise God that not only was he allowed, but the potential strife and troubles were diffused by the presence of the Holy Spirit in the team that accompanied him to Village Big K.  The following day, his mother’s extended family agreed to gather together, at which time Jerry was able to share the Gospel, followed by Pastor F sharing his personal testimony.  Later in the trip, Pastor F’s niece privately accepted Christ!

Currently, the team has returned to the Wassulu region to complete the village visits that were previously scheduled.  There is already one new believer in Village S among the Wassulu and the agreement with the radio station has been set for the next six months, with a “bonus” to broadcast additional materials without further charges! God is Faithful!

Jerry couldn’t get an internet connection in Mali to personally post, so look for more about what God has been doing when he can get back online!

SLC for JC

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