Baptism at the River

On the first day of the discipleship seminar, there were 70 people in attendance – perhaps it was the “cooler” weather that brought them out, as the temperature only topped at around 110 degrees instead of Saturday’s 114 high!  There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit drew the people to Himself and to these meetings.

The day closed with NINE baptisms in the river which meant a trip by vehicle in order to reach an appropriate destination. The dry season makes baptism an even more challenging ordinance in a such a land locked country.  Some of the nine were new believers on Sunday, while others had followed Christ, but had not been baptized. Praise God for working the lives of these precious people! Keep praying for the remaining days of the discipleship seminar as well as the times of sharing Christ individually and publicly.

(Note: The “river taxi” photo was taken last year. JC is not able to send photos from the bush for these updates.)  Posted by SLC

  1. Beverly Coad says:

    At this time of year, my heart goes out to all of you in WA because of the oppressive heat. Having lived in WA for nigh on to 18 years, I actually experienced how everything in the house is so hot to the touch that living outside is better than being inside. To borrow the words of the Psalmist, I pray that God will be your shade.

    I am so excited about the reports of your conference! PTL!

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