How should you feel about the nations of the world?

As I desire to share with others about missions and the unreached people groups of the world, I have found that Pastor John Piper has already put my heartfelt thoughts into words – but much better than I could myself:  “But I would plead that all of you become familiar with Joshua Project and People Groups. Here you find out who the nations, in the biblical sense, actually are and how many there are and how reached or unreached with the gospel they are. Joshua Project says there are 1,569 unengaged people groups (no missionaries or church), and 6,747 least reached groups (fewer than 2% evangelical). How I thank God that there are people doing this difficult work of research to help us know the task that remains before us. Go to these sites, and start learning what the global situation is. And then dream how your life as goer and sender might be more fully involved in declaring his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples. (my emphasis)

How should you feel about the nations of the world? A passion for their salvation and a thrill that God rules over them all and calls us to be his emissaries to them all with the best news in the world, and that he will have a people of his own from all the nations, singing to him and ascribing glory and strength to his Son. You were made for this kind of joy. All the other joys of the Psalms, all the other emotions of the psalms, are taking us here: the glory of God celebrated and sung by all the peoples of the earth.”

May we all find the joy of sharing the Hope of Christ with those who may never know of Him otherwise and see clearly our personal role in declaring the Truth among the nations!

Posted by SLC while JC is away

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