Faithful Without Hope

There is a small book that we’ve used in homeschooling entitled, But Don’t All Religions Lead to God? One topic addressed is the faithfulness and sincerity of the millions who worship false gods.  The first time I read this, I immediately thought of the throngs I had seen flock to the Grand Mosque in the heart of Bamako, Mali, on any given Friday.  I remembered one of the vendors I regularly purchased vegetables from who would be praying behind her stall if I arrived during prayer time. I thought of the many children going to Koranic classes each morning before going to school.  So much faithfulness exhibited, but without hope.

We know the One True God. The only one who offers Hope and Everlasting Life through Jesus Christ.  How much more faithful we should be in our times of worship, praise, and prayer!  Like this Wassulu woman, do we truly stop and focus on our precious Father in prayer? Do we humble ourselves before Him in the comfort of our churches or homes as she does here on a dirty concrete floor? Do we insure that our children are learning about the Hope of Salvation in Jesus Christ and growing in a relationship with Him?

May we be faithful in our worship and prayers, and may He find us faithful in praying for the Wassulu, the Tiemala and lost of West Africa!       SC

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