Not Just Another Movie Night!

When a team feels led to share the Gospel, it sometimes comes with public preaching and declaration of God’s Word, and sometimes it is coupled with a video presentation like the Jesus film or another similar movie in the local language. For the majority of the Wassulu people, this is the first movie they have ever seen, much less one dubbed in their own language! It’s not just another movie night.  It’s not an ordinary event nor an ordinary movie!

The logistics of showing a film are sometimes challenging as the enemy doesn’t want one to be shown!  On the other extreme, circumstances can be somewhat humorous, like when the vehicle you are using with an inverter to power the projector (with a very long cord!) slips out of gear and starts rolling away!  Sometimes the ‘screen’ is tied to a building, other times it’s strapped to poles, and other times it’s hung from a line. God always provides when it’s His plan!

Years ago, in one very poor Wassulu village, the local mosque had an usually good PA system with speakers in a tree.  During the film presentation, the imam began broadcasting in Arabic on the loudest setting, then two villagers put on a talk show – all with the intent of muffling out our portable sound system.

Some of us sat at the back of the crowd and prayed as we could feel the enemy pressing in on the area. The oppression was physically draining.  We felt that surely no one could hear or understand all that was being said in the dialog.  As the movie ended, a volunteer who had sat at the front of the crowd shared that there had been no interference! It was as if God had shut off the villagers ears to the sounds coming from the mosque!

As the current team is in Village B3 tonight, pray for God to work in the hearts of those who will hear the Gospel through public declaration & preaching as well as through a dramatic film presentation of Jesus’ life.  Perhaps some day, YOU would make a could “engineer,” prayerwalker, or set man/woman for a similiar team!

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