Dry Season

Dry season is not just a period without rain. It is a whole new way of life for a time in a place like Mali.  If you don’t live near the Niger River or one of its tributaries, already precious water is like liquid gold. Once drawn for the day, perhaps after walking for a great distance, it is saved for cooking and drinking.  With the peak of the dry season comes an intense heat, and this year it has come a bit early and like a blaze with the current team recording a daily high at an extreme 120 degrees.  In the accompanying photographs, you can see the dry season’s toll on the surroundings and the precious people who live through it. They already have so very little, and you can see from the faces that there are those who do and don’t have the resources for water to spare for personal care.

It is customary in Mali to have a kettle of water for foot washing if you have water to spare, so when guests arrive, they can clean their feet from their travels.  How it makes me think of the Biblical accounts of foot washing and most notably of course of Jesus’ washing the disciples feet. His example of washing their feet gave the disciples great spiritual insight, and it brought refreshment to their bodies.  How much I have to grow in order to serve others as Christ intends!

May we learn more and more about true servanthood to one another no matter where we live. May we be faithful in bringing the Water of Life to those in West Africa who we work among.  May we bring an everlasting spiritual refreshment to their hearts through the message of the Lord Jesus!

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