A Little Bit of Mali in WORLD magazine!

Don’t know if you are familiar with it or not, but the one hard copy magazine we get at home to use for current events with our family is WORLD, which covers the news from a Christian worldview.  They run one photo per issue in their “Mailbag” section which features WORLD in an international setting. Just for fun, J took an Africa-focused issue to Mali and snapped a few photos.  One of the ones submitted is included in the March 13th issue, bringing attention to the largest Wassulu village!  I wonder how many folks will Google Earth the village just to see if the village in the caption is for real?.  See the photo with this posting in case you aren’t a WORLD reader! J was able to tell two of the guys, M and L, that they are in a magazine.  Needless to say, they are excited!

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