Why We Invest in Radio Broadcasts

There may be a few of you who remember the days of sitting around the radio to listen to a weekly drama broadcast.  Our family has enjoyed some of these “oldies” on CDs as well.  A portion of you may be like us who have enjoyed the current radio stories from Focus on the Family.  Because I have little time to sit and watch the news, I depend on the radio for my news each morning and most evenings when I’m preparing supper (OK, I do also scan several news websites if I get a chance – at least BBC).  However, for the most part, our lives are so overwhelmed with sound, entertainment, and immediate communication tools, that the radio is often overlooked.

In many third world countries, the radio is a precious form of communication and entertainment which we have long forgotten in the “first world” nations.  Among the Wassulu and other West African people groups, radios are prime property. You can see guys walking down the street holding a transistor to their ears, groups gathered together to listen to a soccer game or the news, and over the past few years, a growing number of people visiting while listening to the Good News of Jesus Christ proclaimed on Radio Wassulu.

A ministry which was begun while we were on a church staff in Georgia, we have continued it through Mission10:14 as we have seen it’s vital role in communicating the Gospel into remote villages throughout the Wassulu region. We are thankful to our partnering churches and individuals who have understood the important role these broadcasts play in reaching the Wassulu and their neighbors.

It has been incredible to see how God has drawn people to Himself through the broadcast of the Word! He has promised that it will never return void, and as time goes by, we are seeing the “returns” in new brothers and sisters in Christ.

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