Earlier this year, J met Demba, the toddler son of a new Wassulu believer. When I first saw his photos, I couldn’t help but grin. In a few shots, he played among the other children or nearby his daddy. In another shot, he mischievously played with “Monkey,” a small stuffed animal that our youngest son sends on trips with J.

The series of Demba reclining in Pastor F’s lap captured my heart the most though, as his big eyes seem to dance and smile all by themselves. They were the sort of images that stay on mind when I’m praying for the Wassulu, and that the Lord recalls when I’m in the midst of the less personal must-dos of operating a ministry in order to help me keep my focus on our call.

Demba’s eyes–his whole body–are dancing and singing to the Lord now, however, as we learned this week from Pastor F that Demba has passed away.  He died from complications following a bout with malaria. A story that is repeated far too often in many parts of the world and throughout much of the African continent.

When the Lord first put the idea of Net the Village on our hearts and minds, we knew it was to help meet an immediate and ongoing need among the people we work among. We had seen first hand, even in our own family, how malaria could quickly overtake a person’s strength and well-being if not treated.  Providing mosquito nets to families in the name of Christ, while offering a copy of God’s word to every recipient family who desires to receive one, seems like such a simple transformational project. However, how many Dembas, their siblings, and parents can be protected from malaria so that they might be able to hear the Gospel before they die? Only the Lord will truly know. Our task is to share the truth of Jesus Christ and use God-led projects and tools to prepare the way.

We are thankful for those that have joined us already in Net the Village through net and Bible sponsorships.  If you, or a group you a part of, desires to be a part of this project, more information can be found on the blog page designated for NtV under the Transformational Project page.

Please pray for Demba’s family in Village K. May the peace and love of God sustain his father through his relationship in Christ.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.—Ephesians 2:10

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