“Al”…A Story of Going, Praying, Hearing, Understanding, and Believing

In 2006, a volunteer met a young boy named “Al”* in Chief M’s courtyard in Village B2. He was drawn to spend time with Al, building the foundations of a relationship which would span several years and two continents. Greg, the volunteer, returned to Mali with two other teams in subsequent years, taking each opportunity to continually build a relationship with AL when they were in his village. Most importantly, Greg never stopped praying for his new friend.Following a team’s visit early this year, when Greg heard that a young man in Chief M’s courtyard had come to Christ, he immediately wanted to know if it was his friend Al whom he had prayed for over the last 3 1/2 years. After receiving a quick email with photo attached, Greg confirmed that it was his friend Al who had heard the Good News of the gospel, understood it, and believed!

During the time in Mali in February & March,  J asked Al how he came to understand his need for Jesus. Al told him that he had been listening to Chief M read the Bible, and that he also listened to the Bible Stories on Radio Wassulu. With four members of Chief M’s family now having come to Christ by faith, it is clear to see that God has used Chief M, although he has yet to openly follow that path himself.

Naturally, we rejoice when each and every Wassulu person comes to Christ, and many of you who are reading this have prayed faithfully for them over the past several years….some even longer. Seeing the connection between this volunteer and young man is also impacting on our hearts. Greg’s life was changed when he came to Christ as an adult less than 10 years ago. In response, he has humbly stepped out of his “comfort zone” in obedience to God’s call to go to Mali where the Lord has worked in and through Greg in ways that are exciting and challenging to witness.

What’s Next?

We must pray for “Al” as he seeks to grow in Christ. Just as God made His word known to him through the reading of the Scriptures and the radio broadcasts, pray that God will continue to draw Al and other new believers to study His word, that they may stand firm no matter what comes their way.

We must also pray for more “Gregs.” Remember Jesus words? “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9:38) Praying for the lost that God brings into our lives on a daily basis, like Greg did as a volunteer, is critical in reaching those without Christ. If you can’t “go,” then using the specific prayer information that we send out is a direct investment into the lives of the lost Wassulu and others around them. Also, if you can’t go, we encourage you to find a way to be a “Sender.”

Seeking God’s choices for how to spend our time and resources is the most difficult step sometimes. That means our income, homes, skills, retirement days, vacation time, and “stuff” all belong to Him. Think about Greg and his relationship to Al. If Greg had said, “No,” to God about that first trip to Mali, he would have missed enormous blessings, but most of all, would not have met Al and began praying for him. Not only did Greg step out in obedience in going, he committed to praying, and made an eternal investment by doing so.

* Al’s real name & complete image has not been used due to security reasons.

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