Village Gardens

Transformational Projects Meeting Practical Needs

In Mali, West Africa, where subsistence farming is a way of life for most families, 64 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. With a long and hot dry season, growing enough food to feed a family can be a daunting task. When rains do come, they can often be scattered and brief, bringing hardly enough moisture to keep crops alive; or they can be so strong that fields flood and crops become damaged and fail.

In response to these challenges, Mission10:14 is responding to an invitation from the Ministry of Agriculture in Mali by initiating Village Garden Projects that aim to provide a sustainable food source that will be available throughout much of the year. Working with local village leaders, these initiatives are designed to form partnerships with women in the villages to develop improved food sources for their families, as well as provide items that can be traded or sold in the local markets; thereby, providing additional income for a family.

Get more information on our Garden Project page or by downloading this PDF: Village Garden Projects (PDF).