Net The Village Impacts Village B2

Earlier in 2011, working with volunteers and national partners through Net the Village (NtV), Mission10:14 provided more than 800 treated mosquito nets to Village B2. Funding was provided by a number of sources, including partnering churches and individuals. Practically speaking, this project has made a huge impact on the children in the village by keeping them safer and healthier. With a lesser threat from mosquito bites, the children (and their families) rest more peacefully. In addition, a healthier child means less of a family’s money is spent on medicines for treatment to fight malaria.

In November, one of our volunteer teams spent time with families in the village gathering information and helpful feedback on the impact of this project. Below are just a few of the comments received during our visits.

“The nets have been really useful to us. During the rainy season, mosquitoes multiply greatly, but the nets have protected our children.”—Tidiani

“The nets are a great benefit for our children. They have less malaria, sleep more deeply, and are not bothered by the mosquitoes.”—Aramata

During one of our home visits, we sat down with Mr. F., the oldest man in the village. He was very encouraging to our team, and pleased that we came to greet him—a very important part of the culture. Mr. F had this to say: “We can not express how greatly the nets have helped our people. Every member of the village is pleased. Those who received the nets have slept in peace and have had less sickness. You have done a great work for our village.”

During our visit with Mr. F., we had the opportunity to share the Good News. Like many who are older, he considers himself too old to change, although he likes the message of the Gospel.

Our work keeps us going to people like those of Village B2. We help them in practical ways that improve their lives—like the gift of a mosquito net, and we share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—the one message that brings about real, life-changing impact.

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