Children Make a Difference Through Net the Village

Across Sub-Saharan Africa, millions of children’s lives are at risk because of malaria. Therefore, children in Georgia and Mississippi have gotten serious about joining the fight against this deadly disease and helping save a child’s life. This Summer, when presented with the opportunity, children and their families raised enough money to place mosquito nets in the homes throughout one village for each family with children under the age of five years.

During the month of June, “Miss Debbie” challenged children attending Vacation Bible School at M-church to join the fight against malaria in Africa. Annually, malaria kills more than 650,000 people—85 percent of which are children under the age of five. With children and their families raising enough money to provide 250 nets, they are well on their way to helping “net the village” of “Ko.” This is not the first time that M-church has partnered with Mission10:14 through the Net the Village project. In the Summer of 2010, VBS kids and families, along with church members, provided enough nets for two villages. What a great blessing.

Through a friend from church who was already a prayer partner with Mission10:14, “Miss Jennifer” learned of the ministry and our current work in Sub-Saharan Africa. Having made a trip to the region herself some years earlier, she also felt led to become a ministry partner. A few weeks later, after learning about Net the Village, “Miss Jennifer” presented the project, along with others, to her 5th grade Sunday School class as a missions opportunity. The class chose Net the Village and set aside the month of July to raise funds. When the month came to a close, the 5th graders of F-church, along with their families, had raised enough money to help provide more than 50 mosquito nets and complete the project for the village of “Ko.”

Each of these examples are only part of what a growing number of churches are doing through Net the Village. They are a testimony of the difference that children and adults can make in the lives of those who have a great need. Now, because of the love and generosity of God’s people, more families in Sub-Saharan Africa will sleep with greater peace—reducing the threat of getting malaria. And our goal is to share the Good News of Jesus with each one of them.

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