This is Why We Go

IN THE VILLAGE OF KO (between two rivers), darkness has ruled the hearts of people throughout its history. During the rainy season the rivers and flood planes rise—making roads impassable, and virtually cutting off the village from its neighbors for months. Then, as the rains come to an end (usually by November) and the waters recede, the people begin to travel more freely and interact with their neighbors in other villages.

Living in Ko is a man known as Si. Formerly, Si was known as the “medicine man”— one who would use the powers of darkness mingled with the harvest of forest plants to provide cures and curses for his fellow villagers. But all of that changed when he heard the good news of the gospel and realized his power was nothing before the living God.

In 2008, a volunteer team visited Ko for the first time, introducing the village to the gospel message through the sharing of the Jesus film. Over time, other teams, as well as national believers, visited to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Si’s heart became open to the gospel—leading him to trust Jesus for forgiveness and salvation. Although Si could not read or write, he heard the good news, understood it, and believed. In early 2011, Mission10:14 took a discipleship team to Ko. During our visit, we taught the Scriptures to Si and any of his neighbors who would listen. Under a tarp in the mid-day sun (see photo at left) we encouraged him and a few other believers from a nearby village (with whom he can now worship). We used the opportunity to share the gospel with others in Ko, and now pray that God will lead many to come to an understanding of His great power and love.

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down and visit with Si and talk with him about his life now as a follower of Jesus. This is an excerpt of that conversation.


J: Si, as the only believer in your village, are you encouraged in the faith?

Si: Yes, I continue to be encouraged.

J: Are you able to worship with other believers?

Si: Yes, I am able to worship with a few other believers. I travel to the next village and worship with a small group of believers who live there.

J: Do you have certainty that God has caused your heart to be born again and given you spiritual life?

Si: Absolutely! God has changed my heart.

J: Your wife is not a believer. Does she give you difficulty because you follow Jesus?

Si: It’s true that my wife is not a believer, and it is not always easy. I share with her and encourage her to believe. Let me share one example of how God is working. Recently one night, my wife came to my room and knocked on the door. She was sick and hurting in her chest. She asked me if I had medicine for her sickness, as she needed help. I told her yes, and that I would pray for her. As I began to pray, I told God that He had saved me and given me His salvation.  I said, “I don’t have much, and I can’t do much, but I trust you, Lord. I ask you to give healing to my wife.” I prayed in the name of Jesus and trusted God. The next morning she was no longer in pain, and within two days she was completely healed. Now, she believes there is power in the name of Jesus. May his healing power help bring her to salvation.

In Romans 1:16, we find these words, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes….” May we continually bring the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached, both at home and far away, that more who are living in darkness may become worshipers of the one true God.