A small village in Moldova near the border with Ukraine.

In response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Mission10:14 is working with a partnering church in Moldova to assist Ukrainian refugees who have fled their homes and are now seeking shelter in a neighboring country. Although this opportunity is outside of our normal geographic focus in West Africa, we have had these connections in the Moldova region for almost 20 years. Additionally, Africans who have been in Ukraine for school and work have also been caught up in the crisis. Beyond that, the need is too great to ignore, and we desire to be a source of help and encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ who are working daily to relieve the suffering of many.

Therefore, if you desire to be a part of this outreach opportunity, or are looking for a way to assist in the Ukrainian crisis, here is one way you can help:

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Select HERE and you will be taken to the Mission10:14 giving page. Specify your donation for Moldova-Ukraine. One hundred percent of your donation will be forwarded to our partners in Moldova to assist in the care and provision for refugees from Ukraine.

After suffering trauma and sickness at a very early age, Stewart* is now a happy, playful young boy, moving freely with no side effects from his horrendous injuries

Less than four years ago, a Mission10:14 ministry team was in the village of Dalton* to share the good news and disciple believers. The team was made up of two volunteers from the States and three others from the host country. During that village stay, the team engaged people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in their courtyards while sitting under towering mango trees, as well as while visiting among men in the market place. All of the team’s efforts were aimed at bringing the gospel message of salvation in Christ to those who hadn’t yet heard.

One night while in Dalton, the team had the opportunity to show the Jesus film. Such carefully chosen films provide an opportunity to share the gospel with a larger group of people, compared to the more common setting of sharing individually and in smaller gatherings. While setting up for the film, one of the team members encountered Stewart*, a small boy who had fallen into hot simmering food 16 days earlier, leaving him with severe leg burns. Stewart had developed an infection, was no longer eating, and could not stand or walk. Immediately, the entire team was made aware of the situation and they developed a plan, in conjunction with the family, to help Stewart. The closest hospital being two hours away, Stewart’s parents agreed to the team members assisting in getting their son to much-needed care. Once at the hospital, the team covered the medical expenses for the little boy’s three-day stay, and ministry partners assisted in follow-up medical care over the next few months as well.

At the time of the accident, Stewart’s mother was a believer, having come to faith in Jesus a when a previous ministry team was visiting and sharing the gospel in her village. Not only was Stewart’s father, Saul,* an unbeliever, but he was known to be among a group of men in Dalton who were persecutors of  God’s people – including his wife. Following the team’s ministry of compassion to Stewart’s family, one villager said, “The whole village is talking about how Christian people have cared for the needs of Muslims.” There is truth in that statement, for Christians are called to demonstrate compassion while bringing the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ to bear on one’s spiritual need.

Praise God that Stewart* is now a happy and playful young boy, moving freely with no side effects from his horrendous injuries! The accident was almost four years ago, but within the last year a M10:14 team member visiting Dalton had the opportunity to spend time with Saul. As they talked, Stewart’s father shared how grateful he still is for all that was done for his family. Reflecting on the time of his son’s accident and illness, he related, “For 16 days no one offered help to me and my family. We did not have the means to get medical treatment for our son. But when you [the group of Christians] saw our need, you did not hesitate to act. Now, I will never again say anything bad about Christian people.”

This exchange opened the door for the team member to share the gospel with Saul, explaining that there is healing and forgiveness of sin by grace through faith in Jesus. Although he is still yet to become a follower of Christ, Saul listened that morning to the good news, and has much to consider as God continues to give opportunity for the gospel to be declared in Dalton.

* Village & individual names changed for security purposes


And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.—Acts 2:17

Dreams. Visions. Many of us have heard the stories of individuals from unreached people groups, seemingly with no opportunity to hear the Gospel, having dreams through which God is speaking to them, or where Jesus is appearing and calling them to follow after Him. But are these encounters real? Is Jesus actually calling people during the night when they are sleeping? In brief, yes, he is calling through dreams and visions. In many cultures, dreams carry great significance, and that is no less true when Jesus, Lord of all things, appears in one’s dreams calling them to follow after Him.

The following account is of one man who was called by Jesus through such a dream.


That’s What They Said in My Dream

A man in his eighties, Amad had already lived longer than most of the people he had known. In years past, he was known as one of the greatest farmers in the region, farminging large fields of grain, mainly millet, with all the work of preparation, planting, and harvesting being done by hand. Now, he was a revered man in his village, and one of its oldest members. Why had God given Amad such a long life, when so many of his friends and neighbors had already passed on? Death had claimed them.

At the invitation of Yaya, who had attended a series of discipleship meetings just a few kilometers away in another village, we stopped in his village to greet him and his family before leaving the region. While greeting Yaya’s family, we met his father—Amad.

Amad welcomed our team into the room where he was seated and working, and immediately began telling us of a dream he’d just had the night before our arrival. He wanted to know if we could possibly tell him what the dream meant. With great excitement, Amad shared that in the dream he could see himself asleep in his bed. However, he could also see “foreigners” standing all around him. Although they were talking, he couldn’t understand anything they were saying, except for one phrase, “What once was lost has now been found.”

After listening to Amad share about his dream, our team of volunteers and indigenous partners shared the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a part of our message, we told Amad of a father who had two sons (Luke 15). When the younger son returned home after wasting the inheritance his father had given to him, his father declared, “For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.” Immediately, Amad spoke up, declaring, “That’s exactly what they said in my dream.” At that point, we told Amad we wanted to pray for him, and ask God to give him a clear understanding of his dream. At first, he was afraid of what it might mean for him to turn from the only path he’d known for more than 80 years. Then, as the Spirit of God continued to work in his heart, Amad said, ”I understand, and I want to become a believer now.”

Over the next two years before his death, Amad sought to know God more deeply and follow Christ more faithfully. Prior to his dream, he’d lived his whole life in the grip of darkness and false religion. But now, by grace through faith in Christ alone, he had been given the hope of eternal life. Amad lived his remaining days full of Joy—a testimony of God’s grace and tender mercy. God spoke to him in a dream and revealed Himself through the power of the message of the Gospel.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.—Romans 1:16



IN THE VILLAGE OF KO (between two rivers), darkness has ruled the hearts of people throughout its history. During the rainy season the rivers and flood planes rise—making roads impassable, and virtually cutting off the village from its neighbors for months. Then, as the rains come to an end (usually by November) and the waters recede, the people begin to travel more freely and interact with their neighbors in other villages.

Living in Ko is a man known as Si. Formerly, Si was known as the “medicine man”— one who would use the powers of darkness mingled with the harvest of forest plants to provide cures and curses for his fellow villagers. But all of that changed when he heard the good news of the gospel and realized his power was nothing before the living God.

In 2008, a volunteer team visited Ko for the first time, introducing the village to the gospel message through the sharing of the Jesus film. Over time, other teams, as well as national believers, visited to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Si’s heart became open to the gospel—leading him to trust Jesus for forgiveness and salvation. Although Si could not read or write, he heard the good news, understood it, and believed.

In early 2011, Mission10:14 took a discipleship team to Ko. During our visit, we taught the Scriptures to Si and any of his neighbors who would listen. Under a tarp in the mid-day sun (see photo at left) we encouraged him and a few other believers from a nearby village (with whom he can now worship). We used the opportunity to share the gospel with others in Ko, and now pray that God will lead many to come to an understanding of His great power and love.




Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down and visit with Si and talk with him about his life now as a follower of Jesus. An excerpt of that conversation is below.

A Conversation with Si:

J: Si, as the only believer in your village, are you encouraged in the faith?

Si: Yes, I continue to be encouraged.

J: Are you able to worship with other believers?

Si: Yes, I am able to worship with a few other believers. I travel to the next village and worship with a small group of believers who live there.

J: Do you have certainty that God has caused your heart to be born again and given you spiritual life?

Si: Absolutely! God has changed my heart.

J: Your wife is not a believer. Does she give you difficulty because you follow Jesus?

Si: It’s true that my wife is not a believer, and it is not always easy. I share with her and encourage her to believe. Let me share one example of how God is working. Recently one night, my wife came to my room and knocked on the door. She was sick and hurting in her chest. She asked me if I had medicine for her sickness, as she needed help. I told her yes, and that I would pray for her. As I began to pray, I told God that He had saved me and given me His salvation.  I said, “I don’t have much, and I can’t do much, but I trust you, Lord. I ask you to give healing to my wife.” I prayed in the name of Jesus and trusted God. The next morning she was no longer in pain, and within two days she was completely healed. Now, she believes there is power in the name of Jesus. May his healing power help bring her to salvation.

In Romans 1:16, we find these words, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes….” May we continually bring the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached, both at home and far away, that more who are living in darkness may become worshipers of the one true God.

A curious young boy peeps into the clinic from the back window as the distribution takes place.

A curious young boy peeps into the clinic from the back window as the distribution takes place.

Recently, Mission10:14 carried out its latest Net the Village project in a remote village in Mali. The team arrived just before nightfall, and the project was conducted the following day. Early in the morning, the noise of a busy crowd grew as mothers with their children, children with their younger siblings, elders from the village, and young boys and girls who were eager to offer their help, all gathered for the event.

NTV Feb2015-3

Nets are delivered and unloaded as we prepare for the distribution.

As the distribution began, the village chief gave his blessings and thanked our team on behalf of the village for the gift we were giving. The night before, we had shared a gospel film as hundreds gathered in the village center to watch and hear the good news of how they might gain salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Now, on the following day, the team was demonstrating their love, motivated by Christ’s love, in giving a gift that would help protect them physically.

At the end of the village visit, the team was invited to return in the future. Much freedom has been given to share good news of the gospel, and it often takes numerous visits for the soil of the heart to be prepared to receive the Word. We pray that this village will have more opportunities to hear, understand, and believe.

Click HERE to see more photos of the NTV project.