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Net the Village (NtV) Project

Malaria is a deadly decease, leading to nearly 250 million cases each year and causing almost one million deaths world wide. Malaria in Africa is especially threatening, with nearly 20 percent of childhood deaths being related to the illness. Across Africa, on average, a child dies of Malaria every 30 seconds—a staggering statistic.*

Net the Village (NtV) is a project of Mission10:14, and aims to help combat malaria in a practical way by providing mosquito nets to families with children five years of age and younger. Each family receives one net for every two children within that age range. Currently, it is not feasible to eradicate malaria in countries like Mali, as many regions are very remote, and the financial support is simply not available. Therefore, these simple nets help provide protection for children as they sleep. The result? Healthier children and happier and more grateful parents.

In the region of Sub-Saharan Africa where Mission10:14 is engaged, malaria is an extreme problem and some estimates state that almost eight out of 10 childhood deaths are malaria-related.

World Health Organization, 2009

A father sits with his two sons where they sleep under a mosquito net donated through Mission 10:14.

There are many opportunities for you as an individual, small group, or church to be involved in Net the Village project. A number of churches have adopted NtV as their VBS missions project, raising money to purchase nets. This is a practical hands-on way to demonstrate the love of God’s people to those in need. In addition, volunteers give to purchase nets, as well as go and participate in Net the Village projects while staying in the village, building relationships, and sharing the good news of God’s Word. This project is truly transformational—for those receiving the nets, and for those who give of themselves and their resources. Contact us to learn how to get involved.

To help sponsor a Net the Village, you may do so in two ways:
You can designate funds for this project  electronically & securely through our website’s giving page.
You may also send a check, designating it for Net the Village (NtV) to:
PO Box 539 | Millen, GA 30442