Assisting Ukrainian Refugees in Moldova

In response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Mission10:14 is working with a partnering church in Moldova to assist Ukrainian refugees who have fled their homes and are now seeking shelter in a neighboring country. Although this opportunity is outside of our normal geographic focus in West Africa, we have had these connections in the Moldova region for almost 20 years. Additionally, Africans who have been in Ukraine for school and work have also been caught up in the crisis. […]

Compassion and the Gospel

After suffering trauma and sickness at a very early age, Salif is now a happy, playful young boy, full of life and activity.


Dreams. Visions. Many of us have heard the stories of individuals from unreached people groups, seemingly with no opportunity to hear the Gospel, having dreams through which God is speaking to them, or where Jesus is appearing and calling them to follow after Him. But are these encounters real? Is Jesus actually calling people during the night when they are sleeping?

Net the Village

Recently, Mission10:14 carried out its latest Net the Village project in a remote village in Mali. The team arrived just before nightfall, and the project was conducted the following day. Early in the morning, the noise of a busy crowd grew as mothers with their children, children with their younger siblings, elders from the village, and young boys and girls who were eager to offer their help, all gathered for the event. As the distribution began, the village chief gave his blessings […]

Light into the Darkness

Nighttime often gives the best opportunity to meet with those who are willing to gather and hear a message from God’s word, to watch a film, or to meet for discipleship and prayer.

Making Disciples

  In His book, Disciples are Made, Not Born, Walter Henrichsen encourages Christians to live lives that are not self-focused, and to focus our lives on making disciples for Jesus. With many of us the process of making disciples might seem to be nothing more than simply fitting that activity into what we are already doing on a daily basis. However, in Mali, where believers are few and pastors are even fewer, making disciples takes a lot of intentional effort. […]

Helping Prevent Malaria

                            Over the past five years, Mission10:14 has been engaged in helping to reduce the cases of malaria with its Net the Village (NtV) project. Through the generous donations of our partners and friends, we are able to help protect lives by the gift of a treated mosquito net. Net the Village aims to combat malaria in a village by providing treated mosquito nets to families with children five years […]